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About Us

Meghan Salter is a beautiful eight year girl with an undiagnosed medical condition that renders her unable to move, breathe, or speak on her own.  The mission of Meghan’s Miracles is to keep Meghan’s many friends informed of “all things Meghan.”  We will update the Meghan’s Miracles website with information on how Meghan is doing physically and what types of medical procedures she is enduring.  We also will also strive to make our readers aware of upcoming events and news pertaining to Meghan.  Feel free to look at the pictures pages and the “Meghan Inspires” pages that will give you an idea of the many people and organizations that Meghan has touched in her short life.

Meghan enriches the lives of her entire family—her father and mother, Mike and Ellen, and her older sisters and brother, Lauren, Michael and Shannon.  The past eight years have been a faith-filled journey for us all, learning to adjust to Meghan’s needs.  She has endured multiple life threatening emergency visits to the hospital, surgeries, medical procedures, and several “close calls.” Through it all, Meghan brings our family immense joy and hope.  God’s light shines through Meghan and draws us closer to each other and to Him.  To love another person is to see the face of God—for every human person is made in His image and likeness.

We ask that you join our email list so we can inform you when the website has been updated, alert you to upcoming events, and most importantly to ask for prayers when Meghan is in need of them.  We certainly appreciate all the support of family, friends and the Divine Child community throughout Meghan’s life.  God has graced our family with so many wonderful and holy people that have helped us through the toughest times.  We have also become very close with families with children suffering life threatening illnesses which we instantly form close bonds with, as we act to support each other.

We hope you enjoy Meghan’s website and find it spiritually uplifting.  One little girl that cannot speak, move or breathe on her own has moved countless souls to Christ.  Meghan touches the lives of literally everyone she meets.  This is the miracle of Meghan—moving others closer to Christ by living and preaching the Gospels every day…without speaking a word.  We encourage you to send an email to Meghan and we will make sure to read it to her!  God bless you all.